Modernizing A Classic Car With Power Steering

We love our vintage cars.  They look cool, they retain their value, and they have a way of turning heads as you drive by.

Problem is:  they usually drive like shit.

While we can forgive antiquated suspension and AM-only radio, one thing we can’t stand is the effort required to steer the cars that come with manual steering.   At lower speeds, it really becomes an effort to turn the vehicle. you can also opt for power steering.

Don’t fret, there is a solution to that.  Nowadays, you can now upgrade your classic car into one with power steering, here’s how…

Going Through The Upgrade

Many classic car owners go through the trouble of upgrading their manual steering simply because of convenience. With power steering, the amount of effort you put into steering your wheels is greatly reduced. It provides a better driving experience.

Some classic cars were also offered in the market with a choice to have power steering or not. That means that those car models have parts for power steering available. Additionally, there are also DIY kits available so you can upgrade your steering.

Note: Don’t try to do things on your own if you are not an expert mechanic. Don’t endanger yourself and others by meddling with your car when you don’t have prior experience or training.

Here are the two ways on how you can add power steering to your classic car:

  1. Hydraulic Power Steering Kit – This kind of power steering makes use of hydraulic pressure that comes from an engine-driven pump. This is responsible for assisting in turning of the wheels. Unlike the electric power steering kit, this is constantly running.
  2. Electric Power Steering Kit – This kind of power steering is mostly chosen due to its efficiency. It doesn’t need to run all the time and only provides assistance when the steering wheel is turned. This also provides better control over how much assistance is needed or preferred by the driver.

Adding Power Steering To A Classic Vehicle

If you have decided to add power steering to a classic vehicle, you can do that by going to auto shops. Most auto shops offer a variety of power steering kits that are compatible with cars.

Auto shops also have contacts with manufacturers, which makes it easier for them to find the compatible kit for your vehicle. In case they don’t have them in stock on their shop, they can always place a special order.

If you have the experience and knowledge, you can also replace your manual steering with a power steering kit. You can even call your mechanic friends for the weekend to tweak your classic car.

Other Ways To Modernize Your Car

Aside from power steering, here are other ways on how you can modernize your car:

Disc Brakes

Classic cars usually have drum brakes. Although drum brakes work well, they have the reputation of wearing out quickly. They also need to be adjusted and cleaned constantly or else they can fail. Upgrading to disc brakes is a modern alternative, which is also safer in the long run.

Air Conditioning

You’ll definitely thank yourself for adding air conditioning to your classic vehicle when the hot summer days come. Make sure you select modern air conditioning instead of the ones they used back in the day. That stuff just causes engine drag, which can cause your engine to break.

Electric Engine Fan

Classic cars may have fans but they only work depending on how fast the motor spins. In traffic situations, the motor doesn’t spin and so the fans won’t work too. This isn’t ideal. The motor needs the fan even if it sits in traffic.

Electric engine fans are useful and not at all expensive. They can help your engine cool off to prevent it from overheating even if you’re stuck in traffic.