Top Reasons For The Low Profile Tire Switch

What is your most favorite car customization that you’ve done on your vehicle? Is it the engine upgrades, the exhaust system, paint job, or the tires? There are many other customizations that can be done on vehicles but one that creates a huge impact especially on the appearance is switching to low profile tires. 

Low-profile tires are popular. These have larger rims and would readily fit on standard wheel wells. Best of all, it won’t rub when you turn. Have you ever wondered what exactly are the people’s reasons for opting for low-profile tires? Well, people select low profile tires for different reasons but among the most common of them all are the following:

Make Wheels Look Big

Low-profile tires create a look that many people love to have for their vehicles. Some people try to achieve this look by using smaller tires on larger wheels. This is called tire-mounting. Although this may get them the look that they want, it is not the best option because the overstretched tires still have a risk of being blown out. 

Reducing this risk is possible by choosing to use low-profile tires instead. The specialty tires like the low-profile ones can be used without reducing safety. That’s because they are specifically designed to fit the larger rims.

Provides Better Handling

The low-profile tires are also chosen because they provide better grip and help in a more smooth turning. They look race-worthy but some of them are also legal to be used on the streets as well. 

Due to the shorter sidewalls of the wheels, the low-profile tires are more responsive when it comes to making turns. That’s because such sidewalls flex less as compared to the standard ones. If your car isn’t great on curvy roads, a switch to low-profile tires could be a great solution.

Adds Aesthetic Appeal

If you are bringing your vehicle to a car show, using low-profile tires is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. With it, the custom wheels will be more prominent. You can even angle the tires to give it a bit more personality and to stand out from the rest. 

Challenging Scenarios For Low Profile Tires

Although many choose to have low-profile tires for the reasons above, you should also remember that it can still be a challenge to use them in certain situations. First of all, they can be more vulnerable to damage due to the shorter width. This will not be a problem for those who only drive their cars on smooth roads or for occasional driving. Potholes and other debris could damage them easily.

Another thing you should take note of is the comfort that they provide. Compared to regular tires, low-profile tires offer less comfort. That’s because there is no extra height that could serve as cushioning. 

Although they grip the road better, they also let you feel the cracks or bumps in the pavement more. Also, it is best to check if low-profile tires are legal in your area before purchasing them. Make sure to purchase from reliable manufacturers for your own safety.