3 Reasons To Tune Your Car’s Engine

While there’s countless ways to mod or upgrade your classic car to align with your individual tastes or performance needs, one of the most tried and true methods to squeeze every last bit of HP available in the block is to tune the engines

While many engine can be easily tuned by simply reprogramming them through the special engine control unit or by using performance chips, other require updating classic parts to more modern designs.

Whether you own a classic car or a more modern one, the reasons why their engines are tuned remains the same. Adjustments and modifications of the engine and control settings are done to increase power, better fuel economy, and improved engine durability and fuel efficiency.

Power Output

The main reason why the engine tuned is to increase the power to reach higher speeds and improve acceleration. To do this, the engine control unit is reprogrammed by using performance chips.

  • Speed – The speed limit on the dashboard isn’t the real speed limit of your vehicle. This still depends on the engine control unit. Each vehicle has its limit and to reach the limit shown on the dashboard, the engine has to be tuned. Tuning the engine unleashes the full power and potential of the car. 
  • Acceleration – Boosting your acceleration is also possible through engine tuning. The pre-installed engine control unit may limit the acceleration but with tuning, it can improve. 

Fuel Economy

Another reason why car owners go for engine tuning is to improve fuel economy. Even if performance chips may cost you, you can think of them as an investment because they can help you save fuel in the long run. Tuning the engine for fuel economy is a more common reason rather than increasing power.

Engine Durability

Contrary to what most people believe, tuning the engine of your car can also help prolong the life of the engine. However, it is important to understand that engine tuning won’t get you all the three benefits at once.

Tuning the engine to have more power won’t help with fuel economy or with prolonging the engine life. If you don’t need the boost in speed and acceleration, choosing to increase the fuel economy would be a better choice.