Remind Me Again: Why Am I Lowering My Suspension?

Okay so you have decided to take out the time and money to lower your car’s suspension.  It sure-as-shit looks cool, but seriously, is it really worth it?

The debate isn’t about how you decided but should you really look forward to it or not.

Many drivers don’t even think once before lowering suspension as it gives out that supercar feel. Before you make the decision of lowering your vehicle’s suspension considering the advantages and disadvantages would be the best option.

Today’s article we’ll jot down all the points, against and in favor of lowering your car’s suspension. Just keep up with us and get to know what the right decision is.

Why you should not get a lowered suspension?

It’s important to know the downfalls of a lowered suspension. Before covering the advantages let’s first look at the cons that are caused by the lowered suspension aftermarket.

Uneven tire wire:  Tire wear patterns are important as they handle all the workarounds of a tire on the road. Lowering your car’s suspension can affect the tire wear patterns that further conclude to misalignment, over-inflation, under-inflation and suspension troubles.

Negative impact on other components:  When the suspension is lowered, you bring the car close to other components that can cause wear and tear. Anti-lock brake system and tire sidewalls can get affected in a huge amount.

Low ground clearance:  After lowering your car’s suspension, you boost the risk of the vehicle’s bottom skidding against the ground. Car’s bottom gets more vulnerable to hit against the ground especially on speed bumps and bounces. This affects the components that are hidden under the bottom of the car which results in destruction.

Advantages of a Lowered Suspension

It’s no brainer that a car with lower suspension looks absolutely perfect and on point. Apart from that sassy look, there are a lot of advantages that you get with a lower, modified suspension addon.

Better aerodynamics:  After lowering your car’s suspension there is less air going underneath the vehicle which better up the aerodynamics. This means that your car will be less affected by the wind drag concluding instability.

Improved handling:  When the car is closer to the ground, tire grip increases which lead to better handling. Note that every car doesn’t operate like this, some may tend to lose handling performance with a lower suspension.

Super comfort:  Almost every professional driver states that a car with a lower suspension gives a comfortable feel on the whole. Similarly, they also experienced less rattling around on the road making the drive more reliable.

Less risk of rollover:  The lower suspension is directly proportional to a low center of gravity that reduces the danger of skidding and rollover.

We represented the pros and cons of lowering down your car’s suspension. So what you decided after going through our 101 guide to this topic?

We are not in favor nor against lowering your suspension. It comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages and the ultimate decision will depend on your requirements, the type of vehicle, the terrain you wish to drive, etc.