Hello and please to meet ya!  My name is Rick Barr and I am a mobile mechanic, and professional auto customizer here in Memphis, TN.

From a very early age my passion has been to tear apart cars and trucks and put them back together in a better way.  Over my 25 years in the business the cars have gotten cooler, and my business and craft have improved.

I also love talking shop…

..which is precisely why I started this blog, because I wanted to write about something I know really well and share my knowledge and experience with all those who are interested in reading an auto blog.

While I’m no Shakespeare, I’ll do my best to write about my projects, my business, and anything else as it pertains to auto repair, customization, and racing.

I will also try to write regular reviews of all the after-market parts, such as rims and engines and anything in between. Here you will also be able to see how my workshop does business and find out all the aspects of what it looks like to be a professional auto customizer. I am living my dream with this job, I just wanted to be able to share it with people who are enthusiastic about cars such as I am.  Thanks for stopping by….


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