Transporting Your Car To Show

Miles are like kryptonite to high-value classics, so in the world of show piece cars and trucks there’s a cardinal rule that you shall not break prior to a big event:

Thou Shall Not Drive Your Car To The Show

Look, the road is a dangerous and unpredictable place, why take the chance of getting a big bug goober on your car or windshield that you have to spend 15 minutes scrubbing off, or worse yet, getting into a fender bender on the way to the show.

Protect your investment, spend a little bit of money, and get those wheels off of the road and onto a flatbed tow truck.

In our opinion, it’s the safest, and most economical option to use when looking to transport your sports car.

Here’s why…


Transporting a car on a flatbed ain’t cheap, but if you’re looking for cheap, why the hell did you buy a sports car?

Look, owning a collectable car cost a bit more than the average car, but that doesn’t mean you have to get raked over the coals by an fancy “Auto Transport” company.  For our money, it’s cheaper to either buy a flatbed trailer, or contact your local towing service for a shipping quote.

In our experience, they’re easier to work with and waaaay cheaper than the huge covered big rigs that comprise most Auto Transport fleet.

(if you’re in the Memphis area we’ve had luck with – be sure to ask for Mark and tell them that Rick sent you).


First and foremost, flatbed tow trucks are considered to be quite versatile, in that they can be used in towing a variety of vehicles regardless of their shape, design and build. In this case, it’s worth noting that these trucks are specifically suited to towing sports cars designed with a lowered undercarriage.

As such, you can be sure that your car will comfortably sit on the flatbed tow truck regardless of its height, shape and ground clearance.

No Wear And Tear

Replacing worn out parts on a sports car can be quite costly and time consuming. Choose a flatbed tow truck to transport your sports car without causing uneven, unnecessary and additional wear and tear.

Traditional tow trucks transport vehicles with one set of wheels on the ground; this may result in uneven wear and tear on the tires, and any other parts attached to the moving wheels.

Transporting your sports car using a flatbed tow truck means that all four wheels remain stationary, throughout the trip as they are planted on the flatbed. This ensures that the vehicle reaches its destination without being subjected to any unnecessary wear and tear whatsoever; in its original condition. As such, it’s possible for you to start driving the vehicle safely, as soon as it’s delivered.


Flatbed tow trucks provide for the safest transportation of your sports car. Since the car is firmly held in place on the flatbed, there is no way it’s going to get damaged as a result of constant contact with the road surface especially when it’s being transported over rough terrain.

More importantly transporting a damaged sports car using a flatbed tow truck enhances road safety. Damaged cars, towed by traditional tow trucks are known to sway from side to side, depending on the nature of damage, endangering other road users. Placing the damaged car on a flatbed eliminates the risk of swaying during transportation completely.

Hassle Free Transportation

Transporting your sports car using a flatbed tow truck is quite convenient. First and foremost, loading and unloading the vehicle, on and off the flatbed, is quite simple and straightforward. The flatbed can be lowered to the ground, making it possible for the sports car to be driven onto the flatbed. Alternatively, if the car should not or cannot be driven, it can be effortlessly pulled onto the flatbed using the truck’s winch.

Transporting your sports car using a traditional tow truck tends to be much more complicated. This is because it may be necessary for you to remove the driveshaft before it is towed to protect the gearbox; a vital part of the sports car.

Cost Of Insurance

Remember talking about the higher costs of owning a collectable or sport car?

Well auto insurance rates are usually one of those higher-cost things.

Since transport companies, like towing services assume the insurance responsibility of their payload, we’ve successfully negotiated lower rates based on arranged transport to shows.  If done in conjunction with your insurance company, the car can be considered a “non-roaded” vehicle, which assume lower monthly rates.


Transporting your sports car from one point to another may seem like a simple task; however it is nothing but, considering the many risks involved.

As you have seen above, choosing a flatbed tow truck gives you the best chance of getting the vehicle to its final destination, safely and conveniently.