Customize, Yes. But Where To Start?

Take a good look at your car. What do you think it says about you?

If you’re on this site, my hope that “boring” not on that list of adjectives.

Like a piece of art, your vehicle is your “canvas” and you’ve got plenty of so-called “paint brushes” and “painting styles” to make your car or truck uniquely yours.

Today we’ll talk about the categories of customization, first starting on just exactly what we mean when we use the words “Car Customization”

What is Car Customization?

Have you ever looked twice or stared at a classic car? Were you in awe of how well it was maintained and how well they took care of it to make it run and look the way it is today? Believe it or not, some of those “classic” looking cars aren’t really from the 1940s — at least not every part of it is. 

Those classic-looking cars are usually customized ones. They are made to look like they were made in the early 1900’s when they really have a modern engine. The insides can be modern but their aesthetics are customized to fit the appearance of the early era. 

However, that is just one way of customizing a car. Customizing the car for aesthetic reasons is one of the most common ways on how you can customize your vehicle but there are more ways to do that. Depending on the owners imagination, budget and preference, there are a lot more ways to customize vehicles. You can add features or change the style to suit your preference. That makes the car uniquely yours. 

Customizing A Car’s Interior

A car with a cool exterior pleases the eye of those who see it from the outside. However, you should also think about yourself. As the owner and driver of the vehicle, do you spend most of your time admiring your car from the outside?

Of course not, although you can. Like most of us, you’d rather prefer to spend a lot of time driving your car. That is also the reason why you also have to think about the car’s interior. There are many ways on how to customize the car’s interior such as the following:

  • Changing the upholstery – When you don’t like the color of your upholstery, the fabric used or the style of the gauges in your dashboard. You can all change that. Changing the fabric in your car’s interior is one of the simplest things you can do. You can just re-wrap them in leather or any fabric of any color that you would like. 
  • Adding accent lighting – You can also make your car look cooler when you add accent lighting to it. Just make sure that what you select can be legally added to your vehicle. LED lights under the glove box and on the car’s control panel are great additions. Just make sure to think it through because putting lights in the interior of your car can also impair your vision. Seek help from a professional if you’re not sure about what you are doing.
  • Updating the steering wheel – The steering wheel is the thing you touch the most when driving your car. That’s why you should not worry about spending a little extra on it. One of the most economical ways to customize your steering wheel is to simply place a cover on it. This makes it more comfortable and more pleasing to the eye. 

Do Something With Your Tires

There are different accessories you can add or change in your car to customize it. If you are into off-roading, you can change the tires of your truck into a bigger one. You can also change the rims or paint them with the color that you want. There are many finishes available today. You can go for the shiny chrome, hyper-chrome, aluminum or painted in the color of your choice. 

When changing the size of your tires into smaller or bigger ones, you’d also have to seek professional advice. In this way, you can make sure that your choice doesn’t only look good but also performs efficiently. 

Lowering the suspension is also another option that involves the wheels or tires of your car. This can make the car look a bit more old-school because of the low-rider look. Finally, there are also body kits that can be added to the car to change the overall shape of the vehicle. Just make sure to choose the ones that are compatible with the vehicle you own. 

Custom Paint Jobs

Changing the base color of your car is a simple way to customize your vehicle. You can even do a next level customization by adding designs on your car.

Do you like pinstripes or do you want to add accent colors to your car to make it look better. You can even tie up your exterior paint job with the interior colors to make your car look more cohesive. 

Tinted Windows

Another way to customize your car is to add or change the window tinting. Window tints are great at keeping unwanted prying eyes from seeing the interior of your vehicle. Additionally, it can also block the sun so that your car’s interior doesn’t heat up quickly.

Audio and Video System Changes

Who doesn’t love to play music while driving their car? Cars today have decent audio and video systems. However, if you love music, you can amp that up by adding or tweaking your speakers, subwoofers or adding a control panel that gives you better control over how your music plays. 

Performance Modifications

Last, but definitely not least are performance modifications. Your car can look great but customization with performance in mind is a whole new level. Do you want to improve the car’s horsepower or overall handling? You can do that and more by focusing on performance customization.

However, you should make sure to go to a professional so that the customizations you make would be safe. Don’t do things to your car on your own because it can increase the risk of accidents if it is not properly done. Also, it can affect your warranty or insurance if you modify your vehicles.