Car Modifications For Performance

People modify their cars primarily for two reasons: aesthetic and performance. It may seem that the easiest things to modify in a vehicle will only affect the aesthetics but that’s not entirely true. There are simple and easy car modifications that can improve the performance of the car.

If you’re interested in improving your car’s performance with simple modifications, you can do any of the following:

Control Arm Bushings

The most popular car modifications to improve performance usually involves the engine. However, there are other worthy modifications like the control arm bushings that are overlooked. It is worth your while to check the control arm bushings your car is using.

If it isn’t at least up to par, then there is a possibility that your tire geometry will be affected and changed. This can result in wobbles or a sloppy feeling in handling the vehicle. The tires can also wear out easily. So, if you still haven’t, check your control arm bushings and get an upgrade that fits the design and model of your vehicle. 

Disk Brakes

Many people are focused on improving their car speeds when we talk about modifications but slowing down is just as important, if not more important. The car’s braking system is also very important to check, maintain, and upgrade. 

For those who have drum brakes, we suggest getting disk brakes instead. Why? Well, they are easier to inspect, better at taking on wet weather driving, and are less likely to brake fade when it comes to long downgrades.


Tire selection is plentiful but if you are looking for something that offers better grip, then get those that are created from a soft compound. These are also the ones mostly used by those who race because it warms up quickly and that increases the grip. However, the downside of such tires is its horrible durability. 

Springs And Shocks

The car’s performance doesn’t solely depend on the motor. It is a combination of parts and another important part you can modify to improve performance is the springs and shocks.

Cars that come out of the factory will usually be designed to handle various driving conditions. They are more inclined to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. With that setting, the stiffness and handling are negatively affected. 

Racing Wheels

Lots see racing wheels as an added aesthetic value but that’s not the only function they provide. Racing wheels are typically lighter than your regular wheels because they are created from lightweight alloys.

These lighter, performance-tuned wheels can help the rubber with heat dissipation at a faster rate, with the reduced weight enhancing car handling while also makes it easier for the engine to get the wheels to spin and go.

Sway Bars

Sway bars are responsible for reducing the body roll when the car turns or corners. For front-wheel drive vehicles that understeer, a stiffer sway bar would help. On the other hand, if the vehicle oversteers, a stiffer sway bar on the rear will help. 

Air Intake

What’s a car modification for performance if we’re not going to talk about the engine? However, unlike what you might expect, it’s not the pistons or camshafts that we should first address but the airflow. In order to achieve a perfect mixture of fuel and air, there must be enough airflow that goes into your piston cave.

Fuel getting into the engine cylinders isn’t usually the problem as your car can easily do that. What you need to focus on here is to push the great amount of air needed by your engine to improve performance. Stock air filters aren’t really that great so consider getting a better one.

Forced Induction

In the previous modification, we’ve discussed getting more air into the engine. What better way to do that than to simply force compressed air into it. That is what you’ll achieve with forced induction. 


When you‘ve managed to improve airflow to the engine and made lots of the ideal air-fuel mixture available, your car also needs to be capable of dealing with all the heat produced.

Intercoolers help cool down hot air and make it dense again. That way, there will still be lots of air available to mix with your fuel even if the car has already been running for a while. 

Final Words

These are just a few of the car modifications you can do to improve the performance of your vehicle. There are still other simple modifications out there. However, you have to remember to check if they are legal or illegal car mods.

You also have to remember that although it may seem that engine modification is the only way to improve car performance, that isn’t true. The car is designed and made of different parts and the performance is dependent on how those parts work together. So don’t just check on the engine because there are other parts that will also require your attention and modification.