Do You Have These Bad Driving Habits?

We love cars. Big, small, in-between. Import or domestic, it doesn’t matter – we ain’t picky.

Our passion is taking these cars and making it into something more.

You could say we’re artists and vehicles are our canvas.

That’s why it drives us bonkers when even experienced drivers don’t take the proper care of their vehicles.

Maybe we’re getting older, but for us “proper care” starts with good driving habits. Here’s some that we see every day…

Not Using Your Signal Lights

Making a turn to the left? Make sure you use your signal lights. Although not using your signals lights will not damage your vehicle, it is important for you to do so to inform other drivers plus pedestrians about your intended turn.

If you don’t you might run over someone or crash into another vehicle. For best practice, use your signal lights at least 100 feet before you turn. 

Foot Stuck On The Brakes

If you drive with your foot always pushing on the brake pedal, it can lead to brake problems due to excessive straining them. It’s understandable that you want to be a careful driver and to maintain your speed but there are other ways to do that. For one, it’s possible for a manual transmission vehicle run on safe speeds by downshifting it. 

Stopping Abruptly

When there is a need to stop, it would be best to do it gradually. You first need to slow down then come to a full stop. However, this might not always be possible especially if something suddenly comes in the way. Nevertheless, you can lessen the habit of stopping abruptly by keeping an eye on your surroundings. This helps you easily identify that you need to stop. Similarly, if there are stop signs, make sure you follow and do a complete stop. If you don’t you can crash into other cars or be forced to abruptly stop because of an incoming car or pedestrian on the road. 

Always Driving On Low Fuel

Driving on fumes is not healthy for your vehicle. Although your car still has fuel to burn, when it is already at a low level it would be less efficient at cooling your engine. Additionally, the debris accumulated at the bottom of the fuel tank could mix with the fuel that needs to be burned. This can clog your filters and cause inefficient fuel use.

Parking On The Curb

Anchoring your wheels on the curb while you park can damage your tires. It can also cause them to be misaligned. When parking make sure you don’t go over the curb. It would be best for your wheels not to touch it even if you want to be very close to it.