Illegal Car Mods In The US

What is your dream car like? Do you dream of having huge speakers fitted at the trunk so you can bring the party wherever you want? Do you think neon lights under your car looks cool?

I know projects like applying a ceramic coating can be boring but before you modify your car to your liking, it’s worth your while to know which car mods you can have and which are illegal to do in the US. Below is a comprehensive list of those illegal mods.

Suspension Lift

Lifting the body of your car can make it look better than what it used to because it looks like it has a certain stance. This can be done with lift its or spacers. This is usually done to vehicles designed for off-roading.

Before you do that to your passenger car or truck, you should first check if your state allows it. In some states, the body can be lifted but only at a certain height. There is a limit and if you go beyond that, you’ll definitely be given a ticket.

Plate Cover

If you still didn’t know we’ll tell you now. It’s illegal to have devices that automatically cover your license plate while driving. Although this device is still available in the market. It is illegal to use. Some police officers can even give you a ticket if your plate frame covers some of your plate numbers.

Low Riding

Whether your goal is to improve aerodynamics or simply for aesthetics, it’s illegal in some states to lower down your car’s suspension. Just like lifting vehicles, some states will put a limit on how much you can lower your vehicle.

Window Tints

Window tints can surely upgrade your vehicle. It can also provide you with privacy or keep away prying eyes but some states limit how dark your tints can go. Some even prohibit tinting unless the driver has a medical condition and has the paperwork as proof.

Exhaust Mod

There are exhaust kits available in the market today and some of them even provide an extra boost when it comes to horsepower. If you like this idea, you better make sure that the exhaust mods don’t alter or disable the emission levels.

Also, make sure it doesn’t amp up the volume. You may feel cool by revving your engine and producing a loud sound but it is a disturbance to most people. You’ll also attract the police even more if you do this. Get ready to pay fines if you still push through with this mod.

Off-Road Lights

There is nothing wrong with adding off-road lights to your vehicle especially if you drive your trucks off-road. They are quite useful. What’s illegal is if they are uncovered or if you use them while on the highways. It can cause reflections and it can also be blinding to cars coming from the other direction.

Neon Lights

There was a time when the best way to make your car look cool is to add neon lights under them. If you dig this style, it’s better to check the authorities before you have them installed.

Some states may not allow the use of blue and red lights because it’s solely used by the authorities. This is to prevent the public from being confused with a police officer’s car or anyone’s car.

Laser Jammers

Speeding makes it more dangerous for you and others on the road. This is why police officers often use laser guns to track the car’s speed. There are laser jammers in the market that distort the signal from the laser guns. The use of such devices is illegal in most states including California, Texas, and Minnesota.

Booming Systems

It’s fun to be able to bring the party with you anywhere you go thanks to the sound system of your vehicle. As much fun as that may bring, that can also disturb others. Most states limit how loud your car can get.


Modifying your car to your liking isn’t a crime but you have to be careful about what you modify and how you modify them. There are guidelines for various state and it is best to check before doing any modification.

Among those modifications that can get you in trouble with the law are lifting the suspension or lowering it down, very loud booming systems, laser jammers, neon lights under the vehicle, dark window tints, plate cover, exhaust modification, and off-road lights.