The Case For Ground Effects

Maybe it’s in our DNA, but we can’t simply just leave a modded car alone until it is perfect!

While this can get quite costly, one of the least expensive and most striking installments you can make is ground effect modification. While no means cheap (trust us, you don’t want to go cheap here), there are model-specific body kits available at market can help give your car a more personal touch provide that “holy shit! you’re car is floating” look.

Here’s our take on why, and how we recommend adding this great addition to your next car project…

First Convince Me Why…

Most of the body kits are sold finished in primer so buyers can easily repaint them to match the color of their vehicle. Body kits are great because you just add them to your vehicle for a simple and easy makeover. You don’t have to alter the body of your car but just add these. 

Another thing that’s great about them is that they can be easily installed. Most owners can do this on their own because they also come with instructions on how to install them. However, buyers should make sure to purchase genuine kits from manufacturers to avoid damaging the car.

If your not a fan of DIY, then you could have them fitted in auto shops for a price. The price will vary depending on the body kits and how many pieces the kits have. 

Reasons To Buy Ground Effects For Your Car

People may have different reasons to have ground effect customization. Some people simply want it for aesthetic purposes. On the other hand, others get it to improve their vehicle’s aerodynamics.

Aesthetic Enhancement

One of the most common reasons why car owners get body kits for ground effects customization is because they simply want to change the appearance of their vehicle. Most of the kits will include a front and rear fascia. Some also have side skirts that give off that lowered appearance. 

Furthermore, some kits also include other pieces like hood scoops and window louvers. All these pieces can improve the appearance of your vehicle without actually having to do full bodywork on your car. Just remember to purchase body kits that are compatible with your vehicle.

Aerodynamic Improvement

Another reason to purchase body kits is to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. Usually, the ground effect kits were used by racing cars to help prevent them from rising off the pavement while running on fast speeds while turning. These kits are great for drivers who enjoy moving at high speeds. 

The kits can also help improve the grip of the vehicle to the road and stabilize it on the road even when moving at higher speeds. A more stable vehicle is easier to control, which means they are safer to drive even at fast speeds.