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Our Mission

Quarter Mile Foundation’s mission is to collect and archive the history of the sport of drag racing, and related aspects of the high performance aftermarket, focusing upon capturing the first person oral histories of the pioneers and legends. The goal is to preserve interviews, in addition to photos, movies… Read More

Quarter Mile FoundationAbout Project 1320

The Quarter Mile Foundation is working with Dan Korterba/Eyetrax Corp and noted drag racing historian/editor Don Gillespie, to create a twenty-five episode documentary about drag racing – its birth, growth and how the supporting performance automotive aftermarket industry built up around it. It will cover the people, the vehicles, the races… Read More

Why Support?

Pioneers of the Quarter Mile that will archive the history of one of America’s most popular sports: drag racing. Born in the 1940s from the American ideals of ingenuity, innovation, and competition, drag racing fast became an integral part of our popular culture and the source of an entire industry in automotive advances… Read More

“There is not a person who does not at times need a helping hand to be stretched out to them, and then shame upon those who will not stretch out the helping hand to his brother.”

Donate to the “Pioneers Project” — every donation preserves the stories of our heroes who truly defined the time of “American Graffiti“!


News & Events

QUARTER MILE FOUNDATION to unveil new video at SEMA Show (10/28/2014) - Visitors to the Quarter Mile Foundation’s SEMA SHOW booth (#11000 in the Grand Concourse/North Hall entry area) November 3-7, 2014 will be treated to an all-new inspirational video produced by Maggie Peace, and featuring the song “Quarter Mile” by the band, CTS (Consider The Source). The video will also be playing at the Foundation’s booth (#2867) […]
Tee’s for Charity (10/9/2014) - Every Tee bought helps us get closer to our mission to tell the story of how this sport and industry came to be. Hear it directly from our legends and heroes. Reserve your tee now, this campaign is only for 21 days, buy it and share this link…Lets go way over the goal of 25 […]
Why should we look to the past in order to prepare for the future? (9/22/2014) - Because there is nowhere else to look…..  Legacy: Anything handed down from one generation to the following generations. This is a question drag racing and the industry must answer as each move forward in the 21 Century. The number of surviving pioneers and legends in both drag racing and the automotive performance aftermarket continue to shrink. […]